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What We Do


We support early childhood education by assisting centres with resources and skills development. We strive towards the objective of building future leaders and sustainable education centres.


Our love and support for our communities extends far beyond Early Childhood Centres, we also have Old Age homes and churches that we have added to our benefactor database.


The 100% Foundation believes that nutrition programmes are essential to ascertain productive learning and concentration of our children in the classroom.


How we give 100%

Nutrition Programmes – 20%
ECD’s / NGO – 60%
Students – 10%
Miscellaneous – 10%


We’re Making A Difference

Thank You for your continued support of our programs and projects. Your support enables us to rescue and restore more vulnerable babies and children.

The Almond Tree

You are one of those people and it has been, and
still is, an honour to be able to call you a supporter of Eco Children. Your
loyal and continued support, both financially and otherwise, is truly
appreciated by myself, the entire Eco Children team and each and every child
who has benefited from your generosity.

Eco Children

We would like to thank the 100% Foundation for
supporting us in all aspects such as improving our ECD with learning materials
and nutrition together other resources we need thank you very much may you not
forsake us please. Keep on helping the needy.

Charity Day Care Centre

With the assistance from The Foundation we have
gathered knowledge and information to go an extra mile and outsource support
from other organisations as well.

Pfunanani Day Care Centre

The 100% Foundation has done amazing work for our ECD.
We have no amount of words to thank them enough for what they have done and
continue to do in our centre. Thank you so much to The 100% Foundation.

Siyamthemba Day Care Centre


Organisations that we assist

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